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Ground Crew Workers

St. Louis, MO, USA

Job Type


Part Time

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About the Role

Jentia Aviation, LLC, an Aviation services consultation company, is looking to expand its ranks to support the growth and development of its Aviation services. Jentia Aviation, LLC's long-term strategy is to support and accelerate MRO programs that will dramatically increase due to the growth and development of the Aviation industry.
We are seeking Ground Crew Personnel to be part of a dynamic team. In this position you will establish requirements, operational objectives and work plans for all engineering certifications. Assume full oversight of priorities, cost, methods, compliance with FAA regulations, company data and other such requirements. Our ideal candidate should have solid experience with new product development, MRO programs, STC development and knowledge of FAA practices and regulations.


  • Conduct preflight inspection of aircraft and aerospace ground equipment.

  • Supervise the loading and unloading of cargo, vehicles and people on the airplane.

  • Ensure availability of fleet service equipment and passenger comfort items.

  • Conduct in-flight checks on cargo to ensure safety.

  • Perform scanning duties to detect problems with the airplane or cargo during ground and flying operations.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.

About the Company

JENTIA AVIATION, LLC was founded in 2019 with a single mission: "To provide the best aftermarket services to the Aviation industry". We set out to achieve this goal by being the most creative and ground-breaking company available. We approach each of our clients projects with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies. Though we’ve grown since our founding, we’re still the same company at heart.

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